How to Write a Check for Over a Thousand Dollars

A bank check which is a warrant from a customer to a bank is made in order to pay a nominal amount of money to the party written on the check.

In the check itself, there must be characteristics that say that the check is true. At a least, the check states the following points:

Check serial number Writing CHECK Unconditional orders Name of the designated bank to withdraw the check The amount of money to be disbursed The place to withdraw money The place and date of the check was issued And, the signature of the owner of the check itself.

If there are points above, it can be said that the check is true. Let’s get to know checks in general.

  • Step 1: In the “Date” column in the upper right corner, write the date in the format of the month / day / year. This is usually the date format of the United States.
  • Step 2: Check Recipient’s Name – Write the recipient’s name on the blank line. Usually the name of an individual, organization or business. To whom the check will be paid (Pay to the Order of). For individuals, usually using the first and last names, while for organizations / businesses, are filled with full names.
  • Step 3: Amount (numeric format) – In the box to the right of the recipient’s name, fill in the nominal in dollars and cents. In numeric / numeric format like the example above.
  • Step 4: Amount (word format) – In the left row must also be written the nominal amount of money in letter / word format. For cents, it must be written in fraction, as in the example above.
  • Step 4a (optional): In the “Memo” column, this is optional, may or may not be filled. But, it includes a brief statement as a reminder if you need to refer to the check later. It could be written a simple description like “Mortgage”, “Utility Bill”, “Rent”, or something else.
  • Step 5: Sign – Write your name and sign in the bottom right corner of the check. This signature is mandatory. If it’s not there, then cash can’t be disbursed.

In addition to the five steps in filling out the bank check, it is necessary to understand some important components in the check, such as:

The numbers listed at the bottom of the check represent the following:

  • Transit Number Routing (Routing Transit Number) – The first sequence of numbers representing the routing transit number of the financial institution issuing the check. This code identifies your bank, allowing checks to be directed to the right place for processing.
  • Account Number – The sequence of the two numbers is your unique account number. It is usually printed by the bank when you open an account.
  • Check Number – The last sequence of numbers is the check number. This is also shown at the top of the check, below date.


How to Write a Check for Over a Thousand Dollars

People today live in modern times, where the use of cash begins to decline from year to year. We can use banking products that can replace cash, such as debit cards, credit cards, electronic money, and other banking products. But, when we meet a service provider that does not accept banking products other than bank checks, we have to write them.

If the amount of money in your bank account is enough, there is no limit to the amount of money you want to write in the check.

Make sure the balance and enough to check more than $ 1,000

Before deciding to write a check, you must make sure that the coffers of your money in the bank are still enough, which must be more than $1,000. You must be very careful in this matter because if your money is insufficient, the bank will give you more fees for it, even if you do it too often, your bank account can be closed.

Look at the basics about bank checks

You have to write a check, this is a serious matter, of course you need stationery with permanent ink, black or blue. First, write the date in the date box in the upper right corner. Write down the name of the person or company you want in the “Pay to Order” box. Fill in the amount of money you want.

In a dollar box, write down the amount of money you want (can be more than $ 1000 dollars), you can write it behind the dollar sign. It doesn’t matter if you write a comma or not as long as the meaning is clear enough. You should write the nominal as close as possible to the dollar symbol so that there is no room for other people to write more numbers. Next, you must write down the amount of money in the word. You can write like “A thousand dollars”.

Write Signature

If necessary write a note in the memo area at the bottom of the bank check left. For example, “Rental Fees January 2019”. Write down the signature and write your name at the bottom right of the check. Recipients of payments can now cash checks from you for legitimate payments.


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