How to Delete All Gmail Emails at Once on Android

Almost everyone has a cellphone. The number of mobile users in the world is expect to exceed the five billion mark in 2019.

Google’s operating system that is Android has more than 2 billion active users today.

In the US, Android’s share of smartphone shipments rose 8.2 percentage points year-on-year (YoY) to reach a 62% share. This proves the Android operating system is popular, as well as the products in it.

Let’s talk about email,

Do you get many unnecessary emails in your inbox? Relax, you’re not alone

According to Internet Live Stats, 2,690,160 official emails are send every second! Even more than 200 billion every day!

That means more than 30 emails for every person on earth, every day.

That is a fantastic number so every one of us who has Android must have complaints about the number of emails.

Of course, not everyone in the world sends 30 emails per day. In fact, very few want to do it. But many businesses out there send thousands of emails every day.

Many business people assess marketing using e-mail is very effective, but this also has a negative impact on consumers. Statista shows that 60% of all emails sent are spam in September 2017. If you have ever seen a spam folder, you will have no trouble believing that.

Gmail app has several weaknesses, including the absence of a way to delete many emails at once. We have to choose one by one the e-mail that we want to delete. This is troublesome!

For this reason, setting up and deleting Gmail at once is more convenient for gmail PC versions


Warning :

You need to know, deleted e-mail will enter the junk folder and will be delete in the next 30 days. Please secure your important e-mail, for example forwarding important e-mail to another e-mail. After being erase there is no way to reverse it (One of the weaknesses of Gmail, again?)

Delete email using the Chrome

This method is the same as deleting on a PC, but in this case we only use android phones. Follow the steps below:

  • Open Chrome
  • Go to
  • Sign in, fill in your e-mail and password
  • Tap next (if Google suggests opening via Gmail mobile app, ignore it, keep using the browser)
  • If you have arrived in the inbox, click the gmail menu (line three) in the upper left corner (left side of the refresh button). That will bring up the other side of the label, garbage, spam, etc.
  • Scroll down, click the ‘desktop’ link in the lower right corner
  • Chrome menu tap (three dots) in the top right corner of chrome
  • Check ‘desktop site
  • Scroll down, click the ‘standard‘ link, this link will display the desktop version of Gmail
  • If you want to delete an email from facebook for example, type ‘facebook’ search box . You can use the gmail search operator, for example the ‘label:unread‘ (show all unread emails).
  • If you want to delete the gmail inbox as a whole, check the selector box (left of the gmail refresh button), 50 emails will be select, tap the trash button
  • To display 100 emails in the Gmail Inbox, tap the gear symbol, select the setting
  • On the general menu tab, look for the line ‘Maximum page size:‘ then change the number to 100
  • Return to the inbox, 100 emails will appear, until here you can delete 100 emails at a time

Delete E-mail Using The Android E-mail Application Other than Gmail

There is no feature of choosing email at the same time in the gmail application, this is troublesome.

Is there a simpler way? Of course

You can use the help of another email application, which can do what the Gmail application can’t. Here I only suggest a few, you have to try one of them that suits you.

Microsoft Outlook

This application made by Microsoft. Has almost the same features as Gmail, one feature that we are looking for in Outlook is to select all emails at once, and of course delete them to the trash box.

Follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the Outlook application on the google play
  • Click get started
  • Select your gmail account to continue
  • Check the selected email, add account, then give permission, skip until inbox appear
  • If the inbox doesn’t display anything yet, LOAD MORE MESSAGE
  • to the left of the filter button, there will be two choices of ‘focused‘ and ‘other‘, choose ‘other‘ to display in detail
  • Wait for all e-mails to be load completely
  • Tap one of the emails you want to delete
  • Click the menu (point three) in the upper right corner, select ‘sellect all
  • Tap the delete button, then, the inbox is empty immediately

Note: The application takes time to synchronize the changes you make.


The advantage of this application is that you can choose unread e-mail, e-mail with a flag, or with an attachment. The disadvantage of using this application is that we have to scroll until all e-mails are load on the screen, I hope you have a fast internet connection

Exactly the same as Microsoft Outlook, download and install Mymail, or click here

  • Open the application
  • On the ‘add your email’ menu, select google (if using gmail)
  • Select the gmail account you want to use or add new account
  • Give permission for mymail
  • Wait until it’s taken to the inbox
  • Scroll down, until all e-mails are load
  • Tap and hold the lowest email
  • Tap the menu (point three) in the top right corner
  • Select ‘sellect all‘, make sure the amount is the same as in gmail
  • Tap the menu again
  • Tap delete
  • Wait a while until the synchronization process is complete

Delete Email Using Paid Method

If you have the funds and don’t want to be miserable with all the complexity above, using mailstrom. This is the simplest step if you have hundreds of thousands of emails and it is impossible to use the method above.

  • Open your browser
  • Go to Mailstrom
  • Choose the type of email you use, choose google if gmail
  • Enter email data and password, or select an account if the browser is log in with google account
  • Give mailstrom permission
  • You will get a notification email
  • For the trial version you can delete 200 emails at once for free
  • If you want to delete up to 100k of emails, you need $6,95 subscription, or $9,95 for 250k emails, or $29,95 for unlimited 

Protect The Inbox From Spam (optional):

Removing the inbox does remove the problem for this, but not in the future. Similar emails will come again, this requires action to keep the inbox clean.

If the e-mail has an unsubscribe link, you only have to tap the link and follow the e-mail sender’s instructions to unsubscribe. But what if you don’t find it? block them!

For this, follow these steps:

  • Open gmail
  • Choose the email you want to filter / block
  • Select the menu in the top right corner of the email
  • Select the ‘sender block’, this will make the next email from the sender enter the spam folder
  • Or you can report as a spam email if the email contains threats to your device

Other Features That Might Help

Gmail also has features that are quite unique, if you slide the email in the inbox right or left, it will archive the email.

But this setting can be change, you can change for example swipe right for archiving and swipe left for deletion.

Follow the steps below:

  • Open Gmail on your mobile
  • Click the top left corner menu
  • Settings button tab
  • Select general setting
  • Select swipe actions
  • There are two sliding / swipe options, choose what you like


That’s all, do you have the other, simpler alternative ways? Don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments column

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