How to Clean K&N Air Filter Without Kit


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A lot of kinds of air filter are provided in the market. Besides being a substitute for standard air filter, there is also a performance enhancer.

Well, these air filters can generally be clean, so it doesn’t need to replace new if it’s dirty.

But the problem is, the washers are not cheap, although the replacement of the air filter concept that can be rewashed is a saving.

On the market, the K&N air filter cleaner is sale quite expensive. Not to mention, the topical oil after being a wash, of course, is not sold at low prices.

But, some ways can make this K&N air filter cleaning business cheaper by washing using cheaper materials. No need to bother even can be obtained from home furniture.

Prepare the ingredients we will use to clean the K&N air filter:


Clean The Dirt From The K&N Air Filter

  • Remove the dirty K&N air filter from its place
  • prepare the container and filter washing materials
  • pour hot water into the container
  • put the detergent into the container
  • stir until the detergent is distributed with water
  • dip the air filter into detergent water
  • let the air filter sit and wait a moment
  • lift the air filter and dip it back into detergent water
  • do this until the dirt in the air filter is the release
  • water will look cloudy because of dirt
  • if it’s enough, leave the K&N air filter in the shade

The filter should not be dry using pressurized wind or dried in the sun. This is because if the K&N air filter is blowing, it will damage the element.

Apply Oil to The K&N Air Filter

The last process, you can apply shock absorber oil (or other light oil) to the clean K&N air filter.

Use a soft brush to apply the shock absorber oil to the K&N air filter.

When you apply this oil, please don’t get too excited, meaning it doesn’t need to be on each side of the filter, only the outside of the filter.

The goal is that impurities and impending dust will stick to this outer part only, and not be suck into the engine combustion chamber.

That was How to Clean K&N Air Filter Without Kit as a saving alternative. If the filter can’t be clean, replacing it with a new one. I hope it’s useful.