The Easiest Way to Fix “Android is starting optimizing App”


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Who doesn’t have a smartphone? Almost everyone has! From children to the elderly.

Including those of you who are currently experiencing problems with “Android is starting optimizing App”.

Smartphones have a base of Android operating systems that help human life. We can use smartphones for communication needs as well as work assignments, projects, office work, and more.

The presence of smartphones is currently quite a significant impact, especially in the field of technology. Smartphones always offer a variety of functions. But with the many positive benefits of a smartphone, not still the use of smartphones can run well. Smartphones sometimes also experience problems in daily use. The most severe problem that occurs is the smartphone has boot loop or even death so you can’t use it anymore.

One other problem that is often faced by Android users is the error message that appears “Android is starting optimizing App”. When this happens, all activities carried out on the smartphone will stop or cannot do anything.

That is pretty annoying?

Why does “Android is starting to optimizing the App” happen?

For those of you who have a problem “Android is starting optimizing App”, and the device stops on the message without being able to use it for anything, you might ask what caused the invention to be like that.

The fact is several factors can trigger the emergence of the message “Android is starting optimizing App”.

First, Android is trying to optimize the performance of applications installed on your mobile device.

But for some reason, the application optimization process didn’t work, so the device finally stopped there was a notification that Android was doing application optimization. In the end, you can’t use it as usual.

Also, the presence of a damaged application can be the reason why Android cannot optimize the form, so the process stops.

Conditions “Android is starting optimizing app.”

When the notification appears, the Android device is actually “not alive” but also “not dead.”
The method performs a process to optimize the application. In some cases, users usually have to wait about 10 minutes for the device to turn on, and you can use it as usual. But some have remained a long time, but the device has not been able to enter the system as usual. For this problem, you need to fix it immediately.

Repairing “Android is starting optimizing App” By Removing Some Applications

An application usually causes problems arising from such notifications. It’s possible that you recently installed a new app, and before the presence of the app, your device is excellent. So, immediately delete the application that you recently installed.
If the source of the problem is the latest application on your smartphone, you must complete it by removing the form. After removing the app, restart the device and see the results.

Repairing “Android is starting optimizing App” with Clear Wipe Cache

The function of this cache wipe? As we know on Android, there is a name called cache partition which serves to store temporary system data. With this cache partition, we can access applications or games faster. But over time, sometimes the cache file is outdated and irregular, which will make Android slower.

So to restore or refresh the cache partition so that it returns to normal working and is not outdated or expired, it is necessary to clean the cache file via the Wipe Cache Partition menu in Android recovery mode. By doing this wipe cache process, later Android will re-create the cache file when you first run an application or game so that then the application will run faster when you rerun it.

Will the process of wipe cache partition delete data on Android? The answer is, of course, not. This wipe cache process is different from the data wipe, it will not remove the data on your Android but only cleans the cache files on your Android phone.

To fix it, you have to enter the recovery menu first. The following is a way to set an error message that you can try on your Android device:

  • The first step is to turn off your smartphone.
  • Then point the finger on the home + power + Volume Down (-) button [depending on the type of smartphone]
  • Then press simultaneously until the smartphone vibrates.
  • If the logo exits release the button
  • Press volume down to point to Wipe Cache partition
  • Select Wipe Cache partition by pressing the power button
  • Then choose yes
  • Wait for the process to finish